#girlcrush: Woman rededicates her life to making every birth special

#girlcrush: Woman rededicates her life to making every birth special

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – One Colorado Springs woman has decided to shed her past life and devote herself to making a very special day in any family’s life even better. 

Bea Wilds is a doula, a midwife assistant, and a prenatal yoga instructor. 

She used to be an engineer, but in 2012 she put that all behind her to start taking care of mothers. 

It all began after she was invited into the hospital room when a friend was giving birth. 

“It changed my life. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had,” recalled Wilds. 

Wilds has been in the trenches for nearly 250 births and she said it never gets old. 

“It’s a big honor it’s very sacred,” said Wilds. 

With that honor comes an even bigger responsibility. 

Wilds was there for the magical moment with now mother Alli Berney. 

“So, it as really comforting to have her be by our side,” said Alli. 

To help beyond the birth, Wilds opened Enso in Old Colorado City. 

Enso offers prenatal yoga classes, parenting classes and more. 

“It was just a huge blessing and a gift that we found Enso and Bea to help us through this whole little experience,” said Alli. “You did yoga but you’re also sharing your experience where you were with your pregnancy.”

Jason Berney said it was all very important to him as well, “I had a confidence instilled in me that I don’t know that I would’ve had. Just knowing that any moment I could look to be and be like ‘hey, what does this mean or what should I be doing to best support my wife in this position?'”

While there is tremendous joy in Wild’s work, there is also pain. 

“The longer you do it there will be a loss,” said Wilds. “The question does come up how many of these can I do.”

Wilds hasn’t reached her limit yet. She attributes it to the fact that she hasn’t lost sight as to the reason she embarked on this journey. 

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