Sunday Q&A: Redskins star Ryan Kerrigan wants you to know yoga is not for the mild | Columnist Wes McElroy

Sunday Q&A: Redskins star Ryan Kerrigan wants you to know yoga is not for the mild | Columnist Wes McElroy

As Ryan Kerrigan enters his eighth year in the NFL, he reflects on being able to play, what advice he would give to himself as a rookie, and his newest interest.

Question: What is the key to surviving training camp?

Answer: I think having seven years under my belt, I have a great appreciation for how awesome it is to be a pro football player, so I don’t look at it as, “I have to practice.” I just look at it as, “I get to practice today. I get to go through walk-through today and meetings.” Having that mindset makes things a lot better and a lot more fun.

Question: Don’t you have bad days?

Answer: There are days when you are tired and don’t feel like hitting anybody or running around but then you remind yourself, “I’m lucky.”

I’m one of a few in the world that gets to do this.

Question: If you could go back and tell rookie Ryan Kerrigan one thing, what would it be?

Answer: Take care of your body out of season the way you do in season. I got that piece of advice from Vernon Davis this past offseason and it really hit home for me.

Question: You’ve added yoga to your training. How challenging is it?

Answer: There’s the impression of yoga that it’s this easy, calm meditation. Yoga is hard as hell. I don’t necessarily enjoy it. It’s incredibly hard. I would much rather go lift weights or run because yoga is putting your body in positions that you’re not used to it going in, and most times it’s in a really hot room.

I just want to put it out there that it’s not some foo-foo, little, feel-good workout.

Question: What’s your best position?

Answer: I feel pretty good about my Warrior 3. I’m pretty strong in that. Or child’s pose, I’m good at that one, too. (Laughing)

Question: You are going after him every day in camp. What’s been your first impression of Alex Smith?

Answer: Guys really like him. He’s a phenomenal leader that’s really come in and taken the reins of the team, immediately. I really admire him for that. Plus, he’s come in and made some really nice throws during camp and taken command of the offense.

Question: There seems to be a lot of urgency in the talk from Jay Gruden when it comes to this team. What do you sense that’s different about the atmosphere around this team?

Answer: I feel like we have that mentality every year. I’ve never gone into a season thinking, “we’ll lay a nice foundation and hopefully, build next year.” No, I’m like, “Let’s go win some damn games.” That’s the mentality I think everyone has.

Going forward we need to have that sense of urgency because we have the talent on the roster and the coaching staff to be able to be a really good team. We just have to put it together as a team.

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