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What a mindfulness practice can teach you about leadership

There are numerous studies that have shown that engaging in mindfulness practices offers psychologic, physiologic and cognitive benefits. More recent research proves there are tangible results of mindfulness that can lead to greater leadership effectiveness. Over the last decade, corporate mindfulness training has enjoyed greater acceptance as employees have derived benefits from a mindfulness practice that translate to greater productivity.  If repeating mantras from the top of a mountain feels way out of your comfort zone, there are many other [...]

Comedian John Cowley Dies previously jack russell

Beyond The Joke has heard that comedian Jack Cowley has died. He previously worked under the name of Jack Russell. He was 53. Tributes have been coming in on Facebook from fellow comedians and friends. Andre Vincent posted: “Have just read that the lovely John Cowley (Jack Russell) has left us. That is sad. RIP fella xx” Susan Murray wrote: “Jack Russell was such an excellent comic with [...]

Curtains down on Asian yoga championship

Governor P. Sathasivam has stressed on the importance of yoga in ushering in several benefits ranging from good health to harmony within societies and among nations. Delivering the valedictory session of the 8th Asian Yoga Sports Championship here on Sunday, Mr. Sathasivam called for a paradigm shift in the perception of healthcare. “The International Declaration of Human Rights and the constitutions of all nations ensure an individual’s right to enjoy a life of mental and physical health through various [...]

Workshops | Skagit |

Anacortes ADULT ACTING CLASSES: Anacortes Community Theatre offers free acting classes for adults twice each month from 7 to 10:30 p.m. the first Tuesday and from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. the third Saturday, at 918 M Ave., Anacortes. Each class is independent, so you don’t have to commit to every session. 360-840-0089 or ANACORTES CENTER FOR HAPPINESS: 619 Commercial Ave. 360-464-2229 or Next up: n Soft Place to Land: 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 2. A monthly women’s group [...]

I Tried the Manduka GRP Yoga Mat That Promises to Stay Dry When You’re Dripping Sweat

I’m not shy about the fact that I’m a very sweaty human. I spent hours testing different headbands to find one that would keep sweat from dripping in my eyes midworkout. I wear special studio skin shoes to yoga so I won’t slip and slide and fall on my face. So when I heard about Manduka’s new GRP yoga mat ($98, that’s supposed to stay grippy even when you’re dripping buckets of sweat, I had to see [...]

The 6 benefits of yoga

Cairo – 30 September 2018: Yoga is an ancient practice that has recently become popular as it is a retreat from the busy pace of life. But, can yoga be a kind of alternative medicine? Medical studies proved the constructive benefits of yoga which include stress relief and being an effective medicine! Yoga can: 1- Give you an emotional boost, since it makes people happier as it calms them down and [...]

‘I’ve always wanted to be a father’: San Antonio transgender man gives birth

Stephan Gaeth and Wyley Simpson say they met online and their relationship quickly grew. “His happiness, his love and care and respect and acceptance,” Simpson said of the qualities that drew him to Gaeth. “Wyley’s honesty and kindness, overwhelmingly kind and amazing,” Gaeth said of Wyley. Still, they didn’t expect a family to come so quickly. Wyley Simpson was taking testosterone while transitioning and hadn’t had a menstrual cycle in years when he met Gaeth. But when a week of feeling [...]

Samantha Cameron’s personal trainer says ‘fitness snacking’ is key to getting in shape

Samantha Cameron’s personal trainer has revealed why ‘fitness snacking’ is the key to getting in shape. Matt Roberts, who is based in London, said that short periods of exercise throughout the day will put an end to people’s excuses for not working out. He added that creating a points system for various activities you manage to complete during the day will help you achieve your fitness goals. Matt – who has also worked with supermodel Naomi Campbell and fashion designer Tom [...]

Digital Digest: Six Ways – South Jersey, News, Weather, Sports, Entertainment, NJ

PART 2: The list of six ways to use yoga in your social media marketing is rounded out with flexibility, patience, and retrospection. Last week in this column, we compared social media marketing to yoga and three of six ways—strength, alignment, and balance—that can help you can find your social media Zen. This week, we continue the discussion with the remaining three ways. Flexibility: Not every yoga student has flexibility to do all yoga poses to their fullest expression. [...]

How Psycle London Rewrote The Rules For Getting Healthy

1. How did this all begin? How did you come up with the concept for Psycle? When we launched Psycle London I knew that a big part of it would need to be about changing the perception of fitness – of course we wanted people to walk out feeling like they just got a killer workout, but we also wanted to make it more social and meaningful [...]