Yoga Arava starts in Israel

Yoga Arava starts in Israel

The largest yoga gathering in the Middle East starts with a communal practice led by Patricia Thielemann late on a Friday evening at the foot of the Solomon’s pillars geological formation in Timna Valley Park, Israel. Dinner and a festive international tribal music show follow the so-called Unity Meeting, which can be swapped for a meditative Kirtan singing experience where chants given by an instructor are sung back by classmates.

Practitioners then devote the rest of the first weekend in November to furthering their yoga skills in the Arava Valley with experts in nutrition, Ayurveda, mindfulness, Chinese medicine and breathing. Offering a wide range of styles including acro, aerial, Anusara, Ashtanga, Dharma, funky, Kundalini, lyengar, Power Yoga, Shivananda, Tri-Yoga and vinyasa yoga, attendees select one of more than 30 workshops to participate in for the weekend.

The workshops are spread out over 124 miles of the Arava valley in kibbutzes, including a Rocket yoga class hosted in Antelope Ranch, which features 200 species of antelope and is positioned close enough to drive to African safari and Noah’s Ark attractions.

The ninth annual Yoga Arava runs from Nov. 1-3. Prices vary depending on the place attendees choose to stay, which range from campgrounds to luxury bed and breakfasts, but estimates for all six sites include vegetarian meals.

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